It’s time to say goodbye to Tizard and hello to TANGO

It’s time to say goodbye to Tizard and hello to TANGO
August 4, 2017 Lauren Attana
Tizard has been working around the clock since October 2012 to bring High Performance Computing to South Australian researchers and their collaborators. The hardware has now surpassed its supported warranty which means it’s time for us to retire Tizard. We will be officially saying goodbye to Tizard on Thursday 31 August 2017.

What does this mean for you?
  • Until Tuesday 23 August 2017: The queue at will continue to accept any new jobs until 4pm (ACST).
  • From Wednesday 24 August 2017: All jobs will need to use our new HPC system ‘TANGO‘, which is as of now available for our existing users at
  • Until Thursday 31 August 2017: Jobs currently running will continue to run until the hardware is powered down.
Please Note: Your home directory and data storage are already attached on TANGO, so no need to transfer data.

Introducing TANGO HPC

The new TANGO HPC is part of a specialised hardware cluster built using a combination of Dell EMC and VMWare, hardware and software technologies to deliver a powerful computational solution.
The Tango cluster is currently 12 Dell PE R730 servers offering 336 Intel Xeon E5 cores and 3TB of RAM, with more servers added to the cluster as the demand increases.

How to use TANGO HPC

In addition to the new hardware, Tango uses the SLURM Workload Manager, so some commands will be different from what you’re used to.
Please see our PBS to Slurm Cheat Sheet and other Tango HPC documentation on our support site. 

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