The Benefit of Pathways Forums

The Benefit of Pathways Forums
October 24, 2018 Joel Lomman

The Benefits of Pathways Forums

Connecting academic and industry professionals with the latest and most innovative, research tools from around the nation.

The Pathways series was developed by eRSA in 2016 with the aims to connect both academics and industry professionals to the latest, innovative, eResearch tools and services around the nation. These aims remain very much the same today. Recently this drive has seen us encourage the community to come together and discuss a range of subjects including training, expert support mechanisms, technology platforms, data infrastructure and more. 

But to what end? Due to the hard work from many people across our nation, through these events, we’ve been able to: 

  • Share knowledge from all levels and disperse it to be beneficial to more people 
  • Strengthen subject matter communities within each state  
  • Through community consultation around current challenges and future needs, we’ve used this insight to inform the proposal for multiple national projects, especially around the selection of tools & research practices we’d like to focus on. 
  • We were able to build tools, advocate for champions and design user led infrastructure based on community demand – The tinker workbench for the HASS space is a great example of this.
  • Provide opportunity to hear from established researchers and emerging innovators 
  • Allow an increase in face to face time with these sectors and limit assumptions whilst opening up channels of communications with new networks  
  • We’re been proud ‘honest broker facilitators’ – providing a platform for unbiased discussion rather than coming from a particular stand point 
  • Bring opportunity to build on research already happening/networks 
  • Externalise research projects and help you tackle and overcome roadblocks using the wider networks at these events
% of people said yes to attending another event like these ones.

And our feedback has been reflective of these great takeaways too:

The insight into other areas of research and the diversity of topics! It’s rare to meet new networks in Tasmania and I was so inspired” 

I liked hearing what other people were using computers and data for in the humanities, and what challenges they were finding.” 

 “They [the presentations] were all fascinating and I was in no danger of falling asleep once.” 

Check out the recap from our latest Digital humanities Pathways event held in Melbourne in October 2018!


So, what’s next? Like the research landscape, these pathways events are constantly evolving. As we enter a new phase of community maturity, we are introducing advanced components into the events such as: 

  • Hosting topic focussed forums (i.e. Research practices such as geo-references in the Humanities space) rather than just a general overview 
  • We’re segmenting sessions, introducing executive sessions for key decisions makers in government, industry and research to action real change 
  • Through our expertise in delivering these events, they have become a community demand and expectation 
  • Seen these delivered in other research areas? That’s because through collaboration and sharing knowledge, our framework for these events have been adopted and successfully applied to other projects in other disciplines. 

This is only the beginning. So, if you need an engagement piece to your project, want to deliver this your own institution, have a tool or service you’d like to share, or want to be a part of the programs, talk to us about getting involved. 

To find out what else we’re working towards nationally, head to 


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