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Technology solutions for your research needs.

Tailor-made solutions.

At eRSA we don’t just supply IT products, we develop research solutions. By combining our technology infrastructure, expertise and your specific research goals, we work with you to develop a complete solution to supercharge your innovation. Whether it be a small allocation giving you access to our hardware, or a complete solution which allows you to click and compute, store and share, we can help you get where you want to go.

Advanced research through advanced technology.

Customised Solutions

Your research solutions are developed with a defined set of “building blocks.” This enables outcomes, furthering research innovation, while meeting your regulatory standards and security needs.

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Cloud Computing

Remove the burden of operating your own server infrastructure whilst still having the benefit of an easily accessible online environment to access your research applications and data. Cloud computing is completely scalable, giving you the ability to access more resource as you need it.

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High-Performance Computing

Imagine being able to perform six months’ worth of calculations in a day. That means a faster route to publication, more citations and better research outcomes. HPC solutions make light work of complex data processing and analysis jobs that you would otherwise find difficult or impossible to perform.

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Research Data Storage

Our world-class storage services for datasets of all sizes ensures that your data is always safe, secure, accessible, shareable and reusable. Access your data via secure connections over the internet rather than needing to keep copies of the data on your desktop, USB or portable hard drive.

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Our consultancy and business analysis services can minimise your research budget spend on computing and data storage while accelerating your research outcomes.

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Training & Support

We allow you to utilise our solutions to the fullest through in-depth, hands-on workshops and ongoing support, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to use our services effectively and confidently.

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Research Data Management

Make your data discoverable by employing data management best practices to enable new collaborative opportunities, boost your research profile and grant funding opportunities.

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