Say hello to TANGO, our HPC and Cloud service

Say hello to TANGO, our HPC and Cloud service
August 2, 2017 Lauren Attana

In today’s fast moving environment, often the necessary compute required to innovate is beyond the speeds delivered by standard desktop machines.

eRSA offers a solution which allows you to move from lower performance compute to HPC and cloud capabilities. In addition to high end HPC services, we also offer access to specialist infrastructure like Big Memory nodes, giving you all the economies of scale for your complex analytical problems.

Meet TANGO, our HPC and Cloud service.

This premium platform is the latest generation of HPC and Cloud that delivers a powerful computational solution. It is built with leading edge infrastructure from Dell EMC and VMWare and is the only of its kind in Australia.

High Performance Computing

TANGO HPC is a specialised hardware cluster specifically designed for parallel processing with a high core to memory ratio, above that of traditional HPC environments.


TANGO Cloud enables easy and fast expansion for high performance cloud solutions. It’s compatible with other cloud providers, making it flexible and capable to take on various resources and workloads.

It also features a new “Sandbox Capability” that enables flexibility and encourages innovation for our users, and so we’ve named it the ‘Research and Innovation Sandbox’.

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