Research data storage

Research data storage
October 3, 2014 Fuller
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Our cost-effective data storage allows researchers to better manage and share data in a secure environment.

We can provide world-class storage and access services for datasets of all sizes. Using our services, you can store, access, transfer, and backup your data, and share it with your collaborators. We also provide support and assistance in the use of our data storage facilities.

Several models of storage are provided, including funded, merit allocated storage, collection development and general purpose storage.

Our storage services

  • Cost-effective storage for large volumes of data, beyond capacities currently available.
  • Integration of high-capacity storage with the Australian Research Cloud and high-performance computing facilities for fast data processing and analysis.
  • Access your data via high speed SFTP clients, or through the ownCloud web interface which streamlines your data organising, sharing and syncing needs within a secure environment.
  • Support for standard and customised interfaces for data access and sharing.
  • Advice on best practices for data curation, licensing, copyright etc.
  • Assistance to enable data discovery via the creation of collection-level metadata records, to be published on institutional, specialist and national metadata repositories.
  • Expert user support and training for all of our services.

The benefits

  • The data stored will be safe and stored in a certified tier 3 facility.
  • The data stored will be secure. Data will be stored behind security and access protocols designed in conjunction with dataset custodians.
  • The data stored can be accessible. Data will be stored in a facility with very high speed access to AARNET, the Australian Research Cloud, and high-performance computing facilities.
  • The data stored can be sharable. Data can be made accessible, at researchers’ discretion, via file sharing, databases or applications.
  • The storage will be accessible to researchers at a low cost or on the basis of merit.
  • To apply for storage, and to work out which is appropriate, please use the contacts at the bottom of the page.
  • Regular data back ups can be negotiated upon request, based on your storage needs.

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