Data for Culture and Community Research

Data for Culture and Community Research
July 30, 2015 Lauren Attana
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Is your data getting out of control?

Would you like to curate an internet exhibition of your data?

Do you need to share your data with colleagues?

Would your data be a great addition to Trove, HuNI or another meta collection if only you knew how to get it there?

We want to hear from you!

eRSA and three other Australian eResearch agencies are involved in the Access to Data for Culture & Communities research project.  The aim of the project is to support the discovery and access (open or mediated) of datasets that underpin humanities, arts and social science research on national data storage services.  Typically, these target datasets are maintained by researchers in Australian universities and by cultural institutions.

The project will facilitate:

  • making both old and new data discoverable and reusable
  • extracting greater value from existing data collections
  • management of varied data types that exist in a diverse array of private and public repositories —  including statistical data, manuscripts, documents, artifacts and audio-visual recordings
  • connecting datasets that are currently unconnected.

The national, collaborative research infrastructure developed in the project will enable researchers to access large data sets that a single institution would be unable to establish and maintain.

eRSA offer data storage services developed specifically to house data for research purposes. The research data stores are conveniently co-located with consulting, high performance computing, and software development services.  Research data stored at eRSA can be accessed using the Australian Access Federation mediation and authentication system or openly.

Time and effort is available to help you (a researcher or data custodian in an Australian university, state or national cultural institution) to:

  • manage your data
  • securely store your data
  • share your data according to your requirements, with colleagues or more openly
  • describe your data, organise it and make it retrievable
  • if appropriate, link your data to a national, distributed collection of data for Culture and Community research.

The aim of this project is to boost capacity for data and technology intensive research in the humanities, arts and social sciences.

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