Research Engagement at eRSA: Connecting South Australian Researchers

Research Engagement at eRSA: Connecting South Australian Researchers
February 26, 2018 Chris Button
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In 2017, eRSA introduced a new model of engagement with researchers, bringing together a team of diverse specialists to provide targeted services to researchers within their domains.

As eRSA continues to provide services across the research spectrum, our Research Engagement Team will become part of local communities working on ecology, biodiversity and agricultural sciences research, health and medical research, in addition to the humanities and social sciences.

By drawing on their backgrounds and networks in relevant fields, Quang, Alexis and Sara will contribute to building communities of practice, and help eRSA contribute to accelerating research outcomes through bespoke services.

eRSA anticipates that this will help connect South Australian researchers with national initiatives, and will embed our research engagement specialists in their relevant communities of practice. This will ensure that eRSA services are not only meeting but anticipating research needs, keeping South Australia at the cutting edge of innovation.

We’re helping South Australian Researchers

  • Access remote computer facilities and data storage
  • Connect with national initiatives and opportunities
  • Build skills and familiarity with digital platforms and tools
  • Anticipate future research needs

We anticipate your research needs to keep you at the cutting edge of innovation.

Meet our Research Engagement Team

Quang Doan
Alexis Tindall
Sara king

Health & Medical Sciences

“There is so much strength and diversity in the South Australian health and medical eResearch space”

Quang Doan

Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

“There’s so much potential to explore when we bring digital tools into humanities, arts and social sciences research”

Alexis Tindall

Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

“Digital humanities is such an exciting research discipline due to its increasing use of emerging technologies.”

Sara King

Work outside these disciplines? We can still help!

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