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Need more from your HPC? TANGO Now provides a personal HPC node, customizable to your computing requirements.

With a dedicated resource, researchers can have unlimited ‘walltime’ and won’t have to wait in a queue; meaning your work is always a priority.

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How will TANGO Now benefit my research?

TANGO Now shares the same software library as TANGO HPC and is powered by TANGO Cloud.

Users of TANGO HPC will be familiar with the SLURM job queuing system and know that jobs submitted don’t always run immediately, as they will sometimes have to wait for other researchers jobs to finish and resources to become available.

With TANGO Now, users will have their own dedicated job queue, with the compute power configured to their needs, so resources will be reserved exclusively for their jobs to run right away.

TANGO Now can be shared within research groups and can be reconfigured to add more compute resource if needed. eRSA storage volumes can be attached so you won’t need to spend time transferring data between platforms.

NB: The equivalent service on our previous HPC, Tizard, was known as “Emu”.

How do I get started?

You’ll need your eRSA account name handy. If you don’t have one, apply here.

Using your login, you can choose the ‘TANGO Now’ from the TANGO Cloud catalogue and configure the VM with the CPU and RAM needed for your HPC jobs.

If you would like assistance in using and accessing TANGO Now, contact our friendly Service Desk team at servicedesk@ersa.edu.au.

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