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Cloud computing is scalable, convenient, accessible and collaborative. Our Cloud services remove the burden of operating your own server infrastructure and is a place where you can easily access your research applications and data online.

The services provided by the cloud include:

  • Compute resources for running simulation and data analysis software.
  • Hosting of websites, databases and other online applications.
  • Hosting of online data sets and data analysis tools.
  • Hosting of online research tools and domain-specific virtual laboratories.
  • Public or private virtual machine hosting

Not sure where to start? Talk to the eRSA team today to find out which cloud solution would suit your needs best.


TANGO Cloud, an on-demand delivery of compute, storage, apps & more.

TANGO Cloud is part of a specialised hardware cluster built using a combination of Dell EMC and VMWare hardware and software technologies to deliver a hybrid Cloud platform, with you in mind.

From running applications that share datasets with globally diverse users to supporting the critical processes of your research group, our TANGO cloud provides access to flexible IT resources. It also eliminates the need to make large upfront investments in hardware or spend a lot of time upskilling to manage that hardware.

With TANGO Cloud, you can provision exactly the right type and size of computing resources you need to power your research.

Getting started with TANGO Cloud

Contact the eRSA team to get started with TANGO Cloud now!


Nectar, the Australian Research Cloud.

The Australian Research Cloud known as Nectar Cloud has been funded by the Commonwealth Government of Australia through the NeCTAR project and is sustained by participating universities, research institutions and State governments.

Nectar Cloud provides computing infrastructure, software and services that allow Australia’s research community to store, access, and run data, remotely, rapidly and autonomously. Nectar Cloud’s self-service structure allows users to access their own data at any time and collaborate with others from their desktop in a fast and efficient way.

The Nectar Cloud is accessible to researchers at a low cost or on the basis of merit. Find out if you qualify for a merit allocation here.

Getting started with Nectar Cloud

Our Cloud user guide provides information on how to access and use the Nectar Cloud.

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