Infrastructure update: eRSA’s large-scale storage system operational

Infrastructure update: eRSA’s large-scale storage system operational
May 18, 2014 Paul Coddington

eResearch SA’s new large-scale storage system is now operational, providing over 3 Petabytes (3000 Terabytes) of storage capacity for South Australian researchers. The Hitachi Data Systems enterprise-level storage system has been funded through a national research data storage infrastructure project, with co-investment from the three South Australian universities and the state government. The system allows data to be shared with collaborators outside your institution or made publicly available. It provides high performance, high capacity, tiered storage that can easily scale to tens of petabytes. A second phase of the system to significantly expand the existing capacity is expected to be installed later this year.

The system is currently being used to store more than 30 research data collections across a range of research disciplines and from all three SA universities and state government agencies. Over 200 TBytes of data files are currently stored on the system, equating to over 400TB of raw storage capacity since additional storage is required to provide redundancy in case of disk failure and to keep extra copies of files for backup and data protection for collections that don’t already have a copy stored elsewhere.

The data collections currently being stored on the system include:

  • Genomics data for several research groups, from gene sequencers run by the SA Cancer Genomics Facility
  • Image data from The Plant Accelerator
  • Particle physics data from the CERN Large Hadron Collider that was used to discover the Higgs boson
  • Processed satellite imagery provided by the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (TERN) Auscover facility
  • Aerial photographs and sensor data from many areas of SA from Airborne Research Australia
  • Archival video of performances from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA)
  • Genomics data from DNA recovered from specimens and fossils of extinct animals by the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA
  • Outputs of similations of nanoscale materials and chemical processes
  • The results of a long term study tracking the movements and interactions of Sleepy Lizards
  • Data from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls

More information about how you could make use of this storage platform or the data stored on it.

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