High-performance computing terms and conditions


The purpose of this document is to:

  • describe the High-Performance Computing (HPC) services eRSA will provide
  • specify the terms and conditions under which eRSA provides HPC services to researchers and research groups.

Who is eligible to use eRSA HPC

  • Researchers and research students at University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, and Flinders University
  • Researchers from South Australian Government Departments
  • Researchers who are collaborating with the above.


Throughout this page:

  • “eRSA” refers to the system administration services around HPC that eRSA provides
  • “researchers” refers to users of eRSA high-performance computing. This may include research support staff.

High-performance computing services eRSA will provide

eRSA offers TANGO HPC.

Usage quotas

Universities are charged quarterly for the cost of operational support of HPC, based on their researchers’ anticipated proportion of HPC usage.

The amount of HPC usage (quota) is determined by the contributions of the user’s School, Faculty and University to the purchase of the supercomputers. Researchers who subsequently require additional quota can fund the purchase of additional compute nodes to facilitate it.

Users who use more than their quota, either at a particular time or averaged over a period of time, will be warned and may have limits place on their usage; for example, restrictions on the number of jobs they can run at any one time.

Data storage

See eRSA data storage terms and conditions.

Researcher support and service desk

Researcher support

eRSA provides user support including installing application software and assisting users with running jobs.

More detailed and time-consuming support (eg debugging programs, porting programs to run on multiple processors) can be done on a cost recovery basis and by negotiation.

Service desk

The eRSA service desk is available during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

eRSA aims to respond within one business day.

Conditions of use

All users must agree to the eRSA general conditions of use to get an account.

eRSA cannot provide HPC for teaching, personal use, or any use other than research.

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