eRSA closes its doors

Message from the CEO

eRSA will close its doors in 2019. 

We have existed as a collaboration of the three South Australian Universities since the late 1980’s in a variety of guises; the Universities now wish to approach research infrastructure in different ways, so our mission no longer exists.  

Our final actions are to ensure that services to researchers in SA continue to operate smoothly during this transition. We are working closely with each Universities’ ITS to ensure minimal disruption to our researchers.

We will be updating this page on a regular basis to keep you abreast of progress and future plans. Please make sure you check this page regularly to see how this will impact you and your work.

Although this is a sad time for us, we are so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with fantastic users and we look forward to ensuring as smooth a transition as we possibly can.

Sincere Regards,
Mary Hobson

We've answered some questions you may have.

The three universities have decided that eRSA’s present role is no longer directly applicable to them. 

National funding priorities have changed and infrastructure is being funded through NCRIS capabilities. This means that researchers will be accessing infrastructure in the future, in different ways.

At the moment, the final shutdown date is not clear because we need to transition services to each university and this takes time to plan.

We’re keeping ‘the lights on’ for present clients until the work/transition has been completed. But from now, we will no longer be taking on new clients. 

Our team will be working with your university to migrate you from our infrastructure to theirs as smoothly as possible. As soon as the timing becomes clearer, we will update this page. 

If you are a present user of eRSA services, nothing will change until the first half of next year.

If you are not a present user of eResearch Services, you will need to speak with your University’s ITS, who will be taking over the provision of these services. 

From now on, your first port of call is your University ITS. We’ve included links to each Uni’s below.

From now on, your first port of call is your University ITS. We’ve included links to each Uni’s ITS below.

eRSA’s node of the national Nectar Research Cloud is now hosted outside of South Australia, but the service desk at eRSA will continue for the foreseeable future. Users of this service can also continue to seek assistance from the Nectar/RDS eHelp Service Desk.

Datasets stored under RDS and other data will be transferred to your respective University.

The HASS DEVL/RDC Continuation Project will be hosted by another institution (to be announced) but will not be impacted. 

For other ARDC projects, please contact ARDC directly.

For more information, talk to us.

For enquiries from University Staff and Researchers, please contact Mary Hobson via email or phone 0459 808 736.

For Commercial enquiries, please contact Paul Bartczak via email or phone 0414 556 101.

For Technical or Service Desk enquiries, please contact George Petrallas via email or phone 0412 625 681.

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