Bringing National Tools to South Australian Researchers

Bringing National Tools to South Australian Researchers
October 24, 2018 Joel Lomman

At its inception, eRSA was built by South Australia’s Universities, to streamline the research conducted in the Universities. An activity that we do in a variety of ways. We not only provide data management and storage capabilities and expertise; operate as essential service provider our researchers need to conduct their research; offer service desk and support (of which our users are the biggest advocates!); but we also operate as a pathway to national tools, services and opportunities, equipping our SA researchers with the best tools for the job, regardless of location. 

We have been able to do this through partnerships with other national institutions and organisations, driving innovation in a variety of research areas as we go. 

As a result, this year we’ve been able to plug South Australia’s research community into national networks via:   

  • National technical training: Delivered by Pawsey, WA’s equivalent to eRSA, South Australia researchers were able to access training on tools such as Unix, Research Cloud and Containerising Workflows, that wouldn’t otherwise have been available. 
  • Tech talks: In conjunction with ARDC, we’ve been facilitating the South Australian monthly Tech Talk meetups, which are a series of Australia-wide virtual and face-to-face meetings with inspiring talks and open discussions on dynamic topics. With topics ranging from Computing Digital Humanities and API Based access to HPC to Scientific Workflow Systems by experts in the fields, we have not only been able to keep you informed on best practice but also provide you with access to that expertise during these talks, to aid you with your data challenges. Click here to find when the next Tech Talk is being held. 
  • Pathways: The Pathways series was developed by eRSA in 2016 with the aims to connect both academics and industry professionals connect to the latest, innovative,  eResearch tools and services around the nation. Recently we have been running these in both the EcoScience and Digital Humanities Space. These have provided great knowledge and insight for the future development of South Australia’s research. 

Sharing our knowledge, leveraging national partnerships, and connecting the right people with each other or with the right tools, are just some of the ways eRSA acts as a pathway to national and local opportunities and tools, all to benefit our South Australian researchers.

eRSA exists to support the advancement of research and innovation by providing market leading IT platforms and whole solutions to university research, government and business sectors in South Australia. By providing access to a suite of advanced technology solutions and services that are reliable, easy to use and secure, we enable all researchers to explore new and innovative research opportunities that would not otherwise be accessible.

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