October 7, 2014 Fuller

eResearch technologies provide many opportunities for you to increase your research impact.

By making your data discoverable and employing data management best practices you can enable new collaborative opportunities, boost your research profile and grant funding opportunities.

Studies show that research papers that are open and published online, and provide supporting datasets, receive between 9-69% more citations1,2 than those without available data.

Sharing data builds your research network and citation rate, which can improve grant funding opportunities. Many grant funding bodies now encourage sharing of research data. For example, the Australian Research Council, in its most recent funding rules, encourages researchers “to consider the ways in which they can best manage, store, disseminate and re-use data generated through ARC-funded research.”

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, which has been adopted by each of the South Australian universities, states, “Research data should be made available for use by other researchers unless this is prevented by ethical, privacy or confidentiality matters.”

1 Piwowar HA, Vision TJ. (2013) Data reuse and the open data citation advantage. PeerJ 1:e175
2 Piwowar HA, Day RS, Fridsma DB (2007) Sharing Detailed Research Data Is Associated with Increased Citation Rate. PLoS ONE 2(3): e308. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000308

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