October 7, 2014 Fuller

You are the agile researcher with access to on demand compute resources. eResearch gives you the ability to be nimble and flexible in an ever changing research environment.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud based resources is their scalability, giving you the ability to access more resource as you need it.

With our data storage capability you can make your research data secure, discoverable and accessible without having to invest in your own infrastructure which can take months and require a significant financial investment. This gives you the ability to store, access or publish data on the go as you need it.

Many researchers are using the cloud to provide computing resources for simulations and data analysis in a variety of research areas including genomics, evolutionary biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, theoretical and experimental high-energy physics, applied mathematics and medical research.

Some groups are making use of small virtual machines (VMs) with a few processing cores, others are taking advantage of the largest VM size with 16 cores and 64GB of memory, while several groups have set up a private cluster in the cloud using eRSA’s implementation of the StarCluster software on the Australian Research Cloud.

The Cloud is also being used for hosting databases and web applications. Researchers at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) are using the cloud to host a database on the immune system and research groups at SAHMRI and the Centre for Cancer Biology are using it as a platform to develop and host other bioinformatics databases and web applications. Flinders University made use of the cloud to temporarily host their web site during a major university-wide network upgrade.

The Research and Innovation Sandbox

eRSA infrastructure provides users with an unprecedented level of freedom in the Research and Innovation Sandbox, a service where users can experiment with different combinations of technology to manage heavy workloads through a variable capability cloud, software defined data storage and software defined networking.

The Sandbox eliminates the risk of technological experimentation, offering an avenue to test the best ways of processing analytics, big data processing, complex modelling and forecasting.


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