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This page will assist you in writing eRSA into your grant and acknowledge eRSA support, or acknowledge your use of the eRSA services.

Writing eRSA into your Grant

If you are using eRSA services and wish to write us into your grant, please use the statement below and edit as required.  

eResearch SA Ltd (‘eRSA’) is a collaborative joint venture between The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and the University of South Australia. eRSA’s focus is enabling research and innovation by providing eresearch platforms such as High-Performance Computing, Cloud, and data storage services.   


eRSA has partnered with DELL EMC to deliver a HPC and Cloud platform built to enable collaboration and innovation among researchers across South Australia. Through this partnership with DELL EMC, eRSA participates as a global reference site in the EMC Customer Reference Program to demonstrate leading-edge solutions with enterprise-capable high-performance computing as exemplars for new research applications on DELL EMC and VMWare technology platforms. TANGO infrastructure is hosted within the only Tier 3 certified data centre in Australia, owned and operated by a South Australian company. This certification is above that of any standard University on premise data centre hosting rating capability in SA. 

TANGO resources are shared on a fair use policy and have been designed to be scalable, with more hardware added to meet researcher demand.    


eRSA hosts research data storage on high performance, enterprise-quality storage systems. Every measure has been taken to ensure the stability and security of the stored data. The storage hardware is hosted in a Tier 2 data centre, which is climate controlled (temperature and humidity) by fully redundant air conditioning systems. The storage servers are powered by redundant power circuits and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Data is allocated to a redundant array of independent disks with dual parity (RAID6) to cope seamlessly with a disk failure and systems are monitored 24×7 by multiple vendors’ support services. Access to the data centre is controlled by a security key card system and is restricted to authorised personnel.  

Acknowledging use of eRSA services in your Publication

If you are using eRSA services and wish to acknowledge this use in your publication, please use the statement below:

“The authors acknowledge that this research used [insert service] services provided by eResearch SA Ltd (eRSA).” 

e.g. The authors acknowledge that this research used high-performance computing, cloud and storage services provided by eResearch SA Ltd (eRSA).

If you are using the Nectar Research Cloud, please use the following acknowledgement:

“The authors acknowledge that this research was supported by eResearch SA Ltd (eRSA) and by use of the Nectar Research Cloud, a collaborative Australian research platform supported by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).”

If you do have any further inquiries regarding this or require some assistance, please contact our communications team at

Logo and brand guidelines

You are welcome to include our logo alongside this acknowledgement. See below for the download link and style guide. Artwork featuring the logo must be reviewed by eRSA before publishing. Please send artwork to and allow 1-2 business days.

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